Why did we start the Motorhome Holiday Club?

We think differently from the traditional Motorhome marketplace.

Motorhome holidays are undoubtedly an increasing trend but the industry is changing. Big price increases are now a reality due to supply chain economics, a changing political climate and road tax hikes. All these factors result in increased expense for motorhome ownership.

Motorhomes often present poor value for money based on the amount of time they are commonly used. They spend lots of time parked up or stored whilst depreciating and needing maintenance, all of which costs money. They are complex vehicles that need looking after. This is often perceived as a hassle associated with ownership: cleaning, defect rectification, engine servicing, habitation checks, manufacturer recalls etc. all take time and effort to organise.

But there is another way.

We believe that the route to a motorhome holiday should be simple, offer great value and convenience, be hassle free, easy to understand and carry no hidden extras as well as offering choice and flexibility.

Motorhome holidays and adventures are a great way to improve your quality of life and we are passionate about helping you discover this great way to spend your leisure time. Often seen as a retirement activity, it is a growing choice of holiday for younger people who want to go exploring or to enjoy outdoor activities such as surfing, wind surfing, mountain biking or motocross.

The motorhome market is flooded with numerous different layouts and sizes of vehicles. Different motorhomes may be more suited for some trips, depending on where you are going and who you are going with. A family weekend or a two-week tour of Scotland with just the two of you – each trip could benefit from a different number of beds, a bigger or smaller vehicle, more double beds, more single beds, more storage for bikes etc. etc.

More affordable than sailing, easier than mountaineering, more comfortable than camping and more flexible than hotels.

It is well documented that the sharing economy is very much here to stay. The idea that you ‘own’ the item you want to experience is no longer considered the ‘norm.’ An increasing number of people rent their homes, rent their phones and cars through a lease plan or what has been called a PCP. The idea is that it is yours for a period and at the end you return it. We want to bring that idea to motorhoming and make motorhome holidays easy and accessible.

Many people do not realise you can rent or hire a motorhome, although it is a growing trend. But we want to create more than just a motorhome hire business. This is a club where you will get many benefits from being a member.

Welcome to The Motorhome Holiday Club.


A word from the creators...


"With seven years experience of the motorhome hire business, the journey to launching this model has been a very natural progression. People want flexibility. We are increasingly living in a 'sharing economy' where traditional ownership is less popular. We rent our cars through products like PCP and increasingly rent our homes. Why should motorhome holidays be any different? We believe we have a great opportunity to deliver motorhome holidays to a changing marketplace. The demand is there but often the funds to purchase are not. The market is changing and we are excited to be leading the way."

Matt, Director

"Having owned a number of motorhomes over the past decade, I know motorhome ownership can be extremely rewarding. Equally, it can be a hassle. It takes time to prepare the motorhome for each trip and can be costly, particularly for those with young families. Cleaning and maintenance can be time consuming, and the pressure is on you to ensure the motorhome is roadworthy and legal. MotorhomeShare takes all that hassle away. It's a case of turn up and go! Plus, why have a financial liability sat on your drive losing money for most of the year when you could use it when you want it AND you never have to clean it!"

Glen, Director

"In a ground-breaking first for the UK, Belmont Leisure has introduced Motorhome Holiday Club, a motorhome holiday club, to the leisure industry. A proven model with holiday homes, caravans and super yachts, this is the first time it has been applied to motorhomes."

“A truly convenient and affordable way of doing motorhome holidays"

Joe and Sam, Bristol

"Belmont might just be about to start a revolution. There must be thousands of folk out there who’ve thought they could never afford to own a motorhome, or indeed never believed they could justify such a purchase. Well, now they can."

Nick Harding, Leisure Industry Journalist

“We spent years considering buying a motorhome and then discovered Motorhome Holiday Club. We’ve saved thousands of pounds as a result, enjoyed some great holidays and can benefit from choice of layouts and locations to collect. Brilliant!”

David & Katherine, Oxford