Become a Club Partner


Our membership is growing and we are actively looking for new Club Partners to increase both our geographic coverage of the UK but also increase the choice of locations and motorhomes for our members to take away on their adventures.

By becoming a Club Partner you have the opportunity to build a community of regular users of your motorhomes, who will come back to you again and again during their membership. Members also tend to use motorhomes during the shoulder and low seasons as they are used to the heating capabilities of the vehicles. You could get greater utilisation rates as a result of being a partner.

Isn't this just another agency booking platform?

No - our customers are members of a club who regularly use motorhomes. They are committed members, many of whom are paying monthly and have therefore been credit checked.

Unlike those organisations, our Club Partners are selected, chosen and vetted from reputable hire companies that have the relevant safety certifications for their vehicles, share our great customer experience ethos and have good reputations to uphold. Many of the club members are our Partners' most loyal customers.

Agency booking platforms aren't able to offer the ability to spread the cost of their holidays and our members value the fact

How much does it cost to join?

There is no joining fee but it does cost you £1000 + VAT per year to be a Club Partner. The minimum membership term is 5 years. You do have the opportunity to earn that back as we will pay you £140 + VAT as a referral fee for each member that you sign up. 7 members earns your annual fee back!

Are there any other fees?

Every time a member uses one of your motorhomes, we will pay your cash price of that hire period less 6% + VAT. That is it.

We may ask for a financial contribution if we are doing a specific event but we will always discuss it with you in advance.

In return, we will publicise you, your vehicles and any special offers to prospective members and members. We will also be taking The Motorhome Holiday Club to shows and other events to bring motorhome hire to a new audience.

Who takes and holds the Security Deposit?

You do. The idea is that you use the same processes and procedures for booking and verifying identity that you would use with any other customer. This will also give you control of how much of that deposit is refunded in the event of damage to the motorhome.

How are bookings made?

The member will contact us by phone or email and we will then contact you to confirm availability and get the booking in your calendar. We will then send you a copy of the booking documentation for you to process.

All that we ask as that you give our member the same priority in your booking calendar as you would a customer that you had sourced yourself; and that you give them the same benefits during their hire as they would have got from our other Club Partners.

When do I get paid? How do I get paid?

Once the booking is complete, all you have to do is raise an invoice to us and we commit to paying it within 2 weeks by BACS transfer.

Why would I give my customers to you?

You're not! What you are doing is enabling your loyal customers to pay monthly, spreading the cost of their holidays using an FCA authorised and regulated organisation. So the financial relationship will be with The Motorhome Holiday Club but the face to face relationship will be with you.

This will generate increased loyalty to you by discouraging them from booking with anyone else locally.

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