Are collection times fixed?

No – the club is happy to fit in around your plans. All of our Club Partners do publish some opening times so they are available for people who want to come in and have a look. The key thing is to ask the Club Partner what they can do to suit your travel plans.

Unlike some other rental companies, our Club Partners don’t have set days for handing over either so you are not tied in to booking whole weeks when you might only want a vehicle for four days.

During the really busy periods, such as during the summer school holidays, last 2 weeks in July and all of August, there is usually a minimum booking period for hire customers of 7 days. However, for our Motorhome Holiday Club members, we have a 4 day minimum all year round.

Experience shows that lots of hire customers book 10 day breaks, which gives us 4 day gaps at the end of their booking that are available even during the peak season. So, in the summer, it is always worth contacting the Club Partner to see if the dates you want are available.

So, are collection times aren’t fixed and we and our Club Partners are happy to talk about how we can help you achieve your dream holiday.