Can I buy more time away if I want it?

Our Motorhome Holiday Club membership levels have been designed to fit how much leisure time you have. We have memberships that cater for people who want roughly 2, 3 or 4 weeks away each year. We say roughly because the price depends on which motorhome you take away and when during the year. You can use your points at any time in the year to fit in with your plans.

Are you tied to a particular destination? Absolutely not! This is one of the main attractions of motorhoming: easy access to lots of of different horizons. Your imagination is pretty much the only limit.

If you do run out of points in a year, then it is not a problem. We can sell you more so you can do your dream trip – we are in the business of helping people go on holiday! If it gets to the stage that it would be more cost-effective for you to move up a membership level, then we can arrange that. We will be proactive about finding the cheapest way for you to achieve your travel plans.

Your membership gives you access to the fleets of all our Club Partners. This means that apart for a few key dates, such as Glastonbury Festival and late July/August, there is always a vehicle available for use. So, no you are not tied to a particular vehicle.

So, can you buy more time? Absolutely and we are very happy to help you go on your holiday to realise your adventure dreams.