Can I do longer trips?

The short answer is “yes” but how does that work?

Each membership level does have an amount of points each year that you can spend on using a motorhome. The limit is the number of points that you have bought. Membership starts at around 2 weeks and goes up from there and it all depends on which motorhome you take away and at what time of the year.

There are a few options for doing a longer trip:

Firstly, you could use all your points in one go in a membership year. This would mean that you could plan that 3-week break to the south of Spain in the winter and know that you have enough time to do the trip justice.

Or, you could save up some points from your first year of membership and use them for a far longer trip in the second year. You could go away for 4 or 5 weeks which would make southern Italy a possibility.

Or, you could go over a membership anniversary, which would give you 2 years’ worth of points to use. This could work out at around 6 weeks in one go.

Finally, you could always buy more points – either as a one-off purchase or upgrade your membership to a higher level to give you more time away.

So, can you go away for longer trips? Absolutely yes! We are very happy to talk about your plans and how we can make MotorhomeShare membership work for you so you can achieve your travel dreams.

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