Can I go away with friends?

Absolutely yes – this was one key benefits of membership of The Motorhome Holiday Club! There are a number of ways of doing it – it all depends on how well you know the people that you are going away with and how many points you want to spend on the trip.

If you are going in a bigger motorhome and you know them very well, you can share your vehicle with them when you go away. Most of the motorhomes have curtains around the beds to give you some privacy and there is a good amount of distance between the beds if you have one with a rear bed and an overcab or dropdown bed at the front.

If you want to take 2 vehicles away, we can do that too. It is just another way of spending your points. So you could have your friends join you for your whole trip or just part of it. You could travel in convoy or you could meet up somewhere.

Finally, you could let your friends rent their own motorhome from any of our Club Partners to join you on your adventure.

It is completely flexible, so yes, your friends can accompany you if you want.

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