Can I use a motorhome just for the weekend?

Yes, you can – we have tried to make the scheme as usable as if you had your own motorhome parked on your drive. We say that a weekend booking is a minimum of 3 days which gives you flexibility around departure and arrival times and gives us the opportunity to prepare the vehicle for the next user.

Using different vehicles for a weekend away is a great way of trying different layouts to find out which style of vehicle is best for you. And you have the flexibility to decide what style of trip works for you: lots of short breaks, a couple of bigger ones or anything in between.

If you want to take some friends or family with you, you can take two motorhomes if you want. And the people you are taking will get the benefits of Motorhome Holiday Club membership: bedding included and insurance for 2 drivers.

So, yes, you can use a motorhome just for a weekend.

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