How do I get about when I am on a campsite?

The key thing to make this successful is doing some research about your site and what the terrain looks like between your site and where you want to go. Once you have found this out, as always with taking a motorhome away on holiday, you have got a few options:

Firstly, with a little bit of planning, you can take your bikes with you. Our Club Partners have vehicles with either a bike rack or garage for storage so you can take your bikes with you. Please talk to them if you are planning to take electric bikes away with you: a garage is the best place to store them as they are often too heavy for the bike racks on the back of motorhomes AND they are seen as attractive things to steal, so keeping them secure and out of sight is very sensible.

Secondly, you could make sure you are staying somewhere that is on a bus route to get to wherever you want. Again, research is key to making this a success – you could give the campsite a ring to check bus availability.

Thirdly, you could hire a car to get around. Some of our customers have rented vehicles for as little as £15/day from discount hire websites and picked them up as they passed through a convenient location.

Finally, motorhomes are designed for travelling around – it is a different style of holiday from camping and caravanning because you can move so easily. When you have arrived somewhere, you can stay there a couple of days, see the local sights then move the motorhome to find a new site and a new horizon to explore.

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