Isn’t this just timeshare?

This is a question that we regularly get asked. Some people have had great experiences with timeshare, others not so much. We have looked in to this in great detail and it isn’t timeshare at all.

Firstly, there is no fractional ownership involved. We don’t own and operate the motorhomes and neither do our members. Members spend their points to have time in them. Motorhome Holiday Club members don’t have a stake in the motorhomes.

Secondly, we don’t lock you in to 10, 15 year or everlasting contracts. The contract length is 2 years and then you can either renew it or walk away – you are free to choose.

Lastly, there are no exit charges or penalties. This means that even in the first 2 years of your membership, you can cancel the contract. All we do then is work out how much time you have paid for against how much you have used and we then settle up. It is as easy as that!

We are absolutely clear that this is not timeshare, as are the Financial Conduct Authority, our regulator!

The Motorhome Holiday Club members join a club that gives them access to a fleet of luxury motorhomes. They buy points that give them the ability to go on holiday whenever they like and pretty much wherever they like.

So you are not tied to the same week each year, you are not tied to the same location, you are not tied to the same vehicle: it is far more flexible than that. So, is this timeshare? Absolutely not!

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