New name, new membership levels and new national network

So, why the rebrand, why now and what is The Motorhome Holiday Club all about?

A bit of background is in order: Belmont Leisure launched MotorhomeShare 2 years ago with the aim of introducing an innovative way for people to take time away in luxury motorhomes. The aim was for members to avoid paying the £60,000+ purchase price and then having the costs and effort involved with owning it. Also, we wanted to provide a great experience for the member: something over and above what was available to a short-term hirer. We were also aware that there were some operators with a less than stellar reputation, so we wanted to provide some form of quality assurance.

Since launch, it gained traction in the market as more and more people heard about it. As the membership grew, we learned lots of lessons about how much and when the members like to use the motorhomes and where they like to go.

Also, because of the way MotorhomeShare was priced, we spent most of last year dealing with the enormous challenge of getting authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We needed this as the formal permission to extend members credit, so they could pay for their membership monthly, spreading the cost of their holidays which is unique in the motorhome industry.

During this period, we had also been discussing what we were up to with other, like-minded motorhome rental companies around the UK who provided some great feedback and challenge for our ideas. We are very pleased that those companies have agreed to join us so members can use their vehicle fleets – increasing availability and convenience. Pick up a motorhome closer to where you want to go.

So, once all those building blocks were in place, it made sense to bring it all together under a new brand – a brand that describes exactly what it is: The Motorhome Holiday Club was born!

New membership levels, new prices, new national network, a new Club that we can be proud of.