What do I do with my car while I am away?

Your membership of the Motorhome Holiday Club includes parking for a car while you take a motorhome away from a Club Parter. All of our Partners have agreed to provid this service to our members at no additional cost – unlike some other companies.

So, depending on your plans, you have a few options:

Firstly, you can leave you car with the Club Partner – you have just taken one of their vehicles away which leaves a space in their secure yard.

Secondly, we have had a few people take their car back home. This sometimes makes sense if you are picking up the motorhome the day before you actually go on holiday or have more than one car load of kit that you want to take with you.

Alternatively, you could take your car with with you which would give you another option for getting out and about whilst the motorhome is parked on a campsite.

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