What happens at the end of two years?

Firstly, we hope that you have generated some great memories of the adventures and good times that you have had in the motorhomes!

At the end of the second year of your agreement with us, you have three options:

The first one is that you decide to finish the agreement and walk away. It could be because you want to buy a motorhome from somewhere else or that you have decided that motorhoming is not for you and you want to do something else. Neither are a problem and we wish you well for your holidays going forward – we hope that you have enjoyed your time with us and that you will recommend us to your friends!

The second one is that you love the service and flexibility that we offer so much that you decide to do it again. In this case, we appreciate that we already have a relationship with you and we want to encourage you to stay with us! We are planning to offer a discounted joining fee for members renewing their membership.

The final option is that you have enjoyed your adventures so much that you decide to buy a motorhome. We will be working with our Club Partners to publicise vehicles that they have got coming up for sale. Even if this happens before the end of your 2-year membership, then we will release you from your contract should you buy one of our Club Partners’ motorhomes. All we do is work out how many points you have used versus how many you have paid for and we settle up – it is as easy as that. We take pride in the flexibility we offer our members.

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