What happens if I can’t use all my points?

People sometimes think that they are commiting all their holidays to being in a motorhome if they join The Motorhome Holiday Club. That really isn’t true as our Discovery Membership could be used for a summer week and a couple of long weekends in the mid-season. In addition, there are a few things we can do with your points:

Firstly: is there anyone else you want to share your points with? In exactly the same way that you could share your own motorhome with your family and friends, then you can share your membership.  We have also made it as easy as possible for members to share their points with friends and family.

Secondly: we could save your points up so if you are planning a bigger trip later on in your membership you could put them towards that.

Thirdly, you could go away with friends and take 2 or more motorhomes at the same time – we are very happy for you to use your points in pretty much any way you like.

We encourage people to share their membership to make sure that they get best value out of it and more people discover the joy and freedom of a motorhome holiday.

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