What if I don’t want or can’t use The Motorhome Holiday Club anymore?

We know that life moves on, circumstances and preferences change. Some people like to do the same activity or even go to the same location for years and years, some people like to change how they spend their leisure time. We have worked hard to make this scheme as easy and as flexible as possible so you are in control.

All that we ask is that you tell us that you want to stop your membership by email or letter. We will then calculate the amount number of points you have used v the number you have paid for and we will then settle that amount up. That’s it and you can walk away at that point. We don’t lock you in to a long contract that is impossible to get out of.

This is one of the reasons why membership of The Motorhome Holiday Club is not timeshare for motorhomes: there are no exit penalties or charges.

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