Where can I go? Are there any limits?

Our insurers have said no Eastern Europe and no North Africa. But they are both a long way away! So, in reality, your imagination is the only limit. Europe is a big place with lots to do. The key thing is to be realistic about how far you want to drive in a day: spending five or six hours every day on the motorway is not necessarily the most relaxing holiday. Motorhomes are designed for driving somewhere, enjoying the scenery, spending a couple of days and moving on again.


Let’s take a look at distance first. Club membership includes unlimited mileage and motorhomes are large vehicles that can be surprisingly economical on motorways. Providing they are not trying to keep up with vehicles in the overtaking lanes, you should get high 20s or even 30 miles/gallon. Fuel economy drops dramatically as speed rises.

Allowing for some slower roads to get to the faster ones, then you should be planning on a 45-50 mph average when you are travelling. This means that a sensible day’s distance would be anywhere from 250 to 350 miles.

You also need to look at how many days you want at your final destination. There might not be any point in travelling 1000 miles each way in a week because it would only leave you 24-48 hours to enjoy where you have got to! The key here is sensible planning. Allow time for stops/lunch etc and make sure you have some options about where you are going to stay overnight. You can do the length of France in a day (we have…) but do you want to?


Now for insurance. We have managed to negotiate a very good policy for our members. We include 2 weeks European cover for each member every year during their membership. Unsurprisingly, there are some geographic limitations! You can travel anywhere in Western Europe on our policy, so you cannot go to North Africa or Eastern Europe whilst using one of our vehicles. Northern Ireland counts as “abroad”, too. If you have any questions about whether your travel plans are covered or not, then please ask. We are very happy to have a conversation with the insurance company to get a definitive answer.

In summary, there is a huge area for you to explore and enjoy with our vehicles and we are very happy to help with planning to see if what you want to do is possible!

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