Why would I want to join The Motorhome Holiday Club when I could go and buy one?

Motorhome dealers have stock that ranges from £20,000 to more than £60,000. That is a lot of capital to find to buy a motorhome and that is just the start of the expenditure. Servicing, perhaps storage, insurance and consumables such as gas and toilet chemicals all add up.

We set up The Motorhome Holiday Club to give our members the ownership experience with the flexibility of going away when you want but without the costs and hassle of ownership. Our memberships start at around £5,000 to give you between 13 and 21 days holiday each year for 2 years. And you can pay for it monthly with the flexibility to cancel your membership whenever you like. Not only is it cheaper than owning a vehicle of your own, we give you exclusive benefits such us 2 weeks European driving cover each year and bedding included for each use.

What we are offering you is the opportunity to try the motorhoming lifestyle before spending this kind of money on a beautiful vehicle like this of your own. An extended “try-before-you-buy”. This means you are getting better value for money AND you don’t have to find £60,000 to get started.

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