How The Motorhome Holiday Club Works


It is really easy! You join our club for 2 years and go on holiday when you want. We sort out the motorhome, all have to do is decide where you are going and what to pack.

Pick Your Plan

The first thing is to decide roughly how much time each year you would want to use a motorhome for. A week in summer with a few long weekends throughout the year? A month-long tour around Europe> It's up to you.

We can then help you work out how many points you are going to need depending on how much holiday time you want, when you want to go and the type of motorhomes you want to use. The key thing is that you are not fixing yourself to a particular vehicle or specific dates. Points can be used at any time.

Choose A Payment Method

Choose how you want to pay for membership. You can either pay for the 2 years' of holidays in one lump sum or spread the cost over the period of your membership in monthly instalments. Once you're signed up, you'll have access to all the club benefits.

Spend Your Points

When you're ready to book your next adventure all you have to do is choose a Club Partner, pick a motorhome and check your dates! Remember that you're not committed to the same Club Partner, so you can change it up for each holiday if you want.

Book your motorhome holiday as soon as you want, from 12+ months in advance to just a couple of days before you go! More luxurious motorhomes and summer holidays require more points.

Hit The Road

With storage, cleaning, insurance, and all the other travel essentials sorted by us, all you need to do is bring yourself (and your sunnies) ready for your motorhome adventure

We operate a "No Surprises" policy so will be completely up-front about any charges.

We don't hide behind small print, we don’t charge you annual service or administration fees, we don’t stipulate a ten-year commitment from you, we don't lock you in to a particular two week period each year, we don't lock you in to a particular motorhome - or even a particular type of motorhome - AND you are free to cancel your membership whenever you like.

What's the difference between this and a timeshare?

We are so glad you asked. There are quite a few differences, but the main point is that you are not tied to a particular vehicle or a particular time period. And as we have pointed out, we don't charge a number of the fees that a timeshare scheme would need to to satisfy the regulators. There is no fractional ownership of the motorhomes so we deal with all the running costs and maintenance expenses.

Motorhome Holiday Club membership doesn’t restrict you to one location or one view of the horizon time after time after time after… In fact, it doesn’t even tie you to one country because our motorhomes are as happy driving through Europe as they are on road-trips across the UK AND we include two weeks' of European motoring insurance cover each year and more is available! So instead of committing to one apartment in the Spanish town that you’re bored of after the second visit, you can spread your time across the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria and beyond!

All we have done is take an established business model used by supercar clubs, such as AutoVivendi who have a fleet of vehicles worth approximately £5M, and brought it to the motorhoming world so you can take a vehicle away whenever you like, until you have used all your points for the year. And if you do run out, you can buy more!

Just fill the motorhome's fridge with food, unpack your clothes and kick-start your imagination.