Frequently Asked Questions


When can I join the club?
You are welcome to join at any time. You will be able to make bookings with our Club Partners as soon as you have paid your joining fee.

How do I book my time in a motorhome?
This is done by email or over the phone on a first come first served basis. The booking calendar is always open for people who want to book their trips far in advance - the only limitation in how far ahead our Club Partner's run their booking system.

I am not able to use all my points this year. Can I gift them?
Yes! We are very happy for you to share them amongst friends and family - or you could even join the scheme as a syndicate; perhaps you and another couple could share membership? A key benefit of membership is that we include insurance for a second driver. We just need to know who is going to be using the motorhome in advance as our insurers require additional drivers to follow a process which is completed quickly and easily. We will need to take a security deposit from the additional driver before they take the motorhome away.

I am not able to use all my points this year, can I carry them into next year?

Carrying points over is possible and we are open to the conversation about doing this.

I want to go away on a 3 week trip. Can I do this?
Yes, we have designed the scheme to enable you do exactly that!

I am planning a trip but don't have enough points to cover it. Can I still go?
If you have an adventure planned but are a few points short in the membership year, then you can buy more to have your dream holiday!

Can I go away for just a weekend?
Yes, what a great idea! The scheme is flexible so you can do this. Each weekend away will use only 3 days-worth of points.

Can I add another driver to my trip away?
Yes. Your membership includes two drivers for the duration. Additional guest drivers may be added for a nominal administration fee. Drivers must fit our insurance criteria.

What happens at the end of the two year commitment?
Our contract together ends. There is no obligation to continue for an extended period. However, we would be happy to discuss an extension into another membership period as we would be very happy for you to continue as a member.

Where can I go in a motorhome?
Pretty much anywhere you can travel to in the time you have available! On a more serious note, we do need to know if you are planning to take the motorhome away from mainland UK, so we can arrange the right insurance and our insurers have stated that they won't cover travel to North Africa or Eastern Europe.

Berths vs belts – I'm confused.
It is often the case that motorhomes can sleep more people than they have seatbelts for and
 vice versa. This is all about the layout. i.e. we have motorhomes we refer to as 5 berth motorhomes but can sleep 6 people. We ALWAYS tie the berth number with the number of travelling seats. It is illegal to travel in a motorhome seated sideways or in an unbelted seat.

May I take the motorhome abroad?
Yes. But please tell us when booking as your membership includes 2 weeks European motoring insurance cover each year in the package price. We DO need to know when you book so we can organise the EU insurance cover and prepare your documentation. Travelling around England, Scotland and Wales is straightforward, but please note that Northern Ireland is considered outside the UK by our insurers.

Is there a mileage limit?
We don't have a mileage limit but some of our Club Partners do. Please talk to us about your travel plans so we can refer you to the best Club Partner for you. If you are planning to do a long distance, we are very happy to talk about how much time such a journey will take - spending all your holiday driving is not the most fun!

May I take a dog (pets) with me?
Yes, in selected motorhomes. We love small dogs that don't moult (easier to clean up!), as we need to consider future users' needs the same as yours. We're also happy to discuss other small pets if you can't bear to be parted from them, and have previously dealt with requests for cats, snakes, parrots and geckos! Please chat with one of our team for more information.

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